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What is Slice?

Slice is the easy to use, portable and hackable media player combining no-compromise materials and beautiful design with open source software and hardware.

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Sleek Engineering

Slice’s machined and anodised aluminium case, small size, big internal hard-disk based storage and ability to play almost all media files up to HD resolutions differentiate it from the mass of cheap plastic media streaming boxes on the market today.

Great features in a small package

Slice is small enough to hold easily in one hand yet has a large internal hard disk for storing media files (movies, pictures, MP3s etc.) so it doesn’t require a network or internet connection to work.

Entertainment you take with you

This means you can load your favourite media onto Slice and take it wherever you go (Slice plugs into a PC just like a portable hard disk). Take your holiday snaps or videos to show on Grandma’s TV. Or take it with you on holiday and plug it into the hotel TV to play movies. Use it to play back slides for a work presentation. Or just use Slice as a portable hard disk!

Flexible Connectivity

Slice also has Ethernet and WiFi* connectivity and can stream media files from a NAS as well as play them from its internal hard disk. *(via the included WiFi dongle)


Wi-Fi Included

The bundled dongle gives you out-of-the-box wireless connection.



Great for streaming from your local NAS if you have an existing media collection


Away from Internet

On holiday and on the road? Unplug Slice, and your hard drive media is still available, whereever you go


Bring Your Own

The 3 USB ports mean you can add your own connection solution to suit your needs

Made with Passion

Slice was created by a team who feel that technology and beautiful design should go hand in hand to make products that can be loved and cherished.

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