Install graphics card

Install graphics card

How to install your new graphics card!

If it jerks when playing, then you can bring your PC back up to speed with a new graphics card. The great thing is that changing the graphics card is not difficult at all and is no problem even for PC wrenching beginners. With our instructions we help you to install your new graphics card quickly and easily.

Before changing the graphics card

That the new graphics card makes your PC fit again should be ensured in advance. Whether the purchase of a new GPU is worthwhile and your PC also has enough performance, we explain in our guide. Before buying, make sure that your case has the necessary space and connections for the new graphics card.
provides. What we can’t tell you exactly is which graphics card is the best for you. 
Personally, after buying a new WQHD monitor, I decided to replace my old Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 with the extremely expensive but much faster Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070.

Step 1.) Recommended: Uninstall old drivers

We recommend that you remove all installed drivers on your system before you proceed to install the new graphics card. This is not as much of an issue as it was back in the pre-Windows 7 era, but should be done to avoid mistakes. So go to the control panel and delete everything that has to do with AMD or Nvidia. You can also download the driver for the new card from AMD or Nvidia.

Step 2.) Unscrew PC and remove old card

You can now shut down the PC and remove all cables from the case. Now grab your screwdriver, because now it’s time to remove and install. Touch another heater before you start, because that will ground you. Now remove the PC case. With almost all new computers, this is quite simple. Now you can see the inside of your computer and remove all the power cables from your old graphics card. The card is mounted to the housing with a screw, which you now loosen. Very carefully you can now lever the board out of the PC slot. Extremely important: With almost all mainboards the card is fixed in the installation slot by a small lever. If you see such a lever, push it down and then pull your graphics card. It is important to do this without violence. Once the screw is loosened and the lever is also loosened, you should be able to remove the graphics card from the slot without any problems.

  • Disconnect the graphics card from the power supply.
  • Be sure to pull the lever before pulling on the graphics card.
  • Be sure to pull the lever before pulling on the graphics card.

Step 3.) Install new graphics card

To install your new graphics card, simply follow the previous steps backwards. Slowly insert your new card into the PCle slot and push it into the guide. The lever that you pressed when you removed it should automatically snap back into place. Now screw the card back to the case and connect the power cables. Your power supplyshould be able to handle your card if you have a high-end product. These have two power connections.

Step 4.) Test new card

This step is not mandatory but highly recommended: Before you completely reassemble and rewire your PC, you should test your installation. Leave your case open and connect only the power, monitor and if necessary mouse and keyboard. Boot up the computer and make sure it is running cleanly and outputting a picture. If the opposite is the case, check all cables, the power supply, etc.. Normally, however, everything should run cleanly. If this is the case, then you can finish assembling everything and enjoy the extreme extra power of your graphics. One thing, though: first…

Step 5.) Install graphics card driver

…you need to install the latest graphics driver for your new card. If you have already downloaded the driver as mentioned above, you can simply open the installation program and follow the necessary steps. Reboot your PC again and then your new GPU will be ready to be fully used. You can now increase the graphics details in your games and thus take advantage of your newly gained graphics power.An alternative offers, for example, the program Nvidia Geforce Experiene. This will automatically adjust the performance of your graphics card to the game. If you want more information about this, we can recommend the tutorial on optimizing jerky games by Mirco.

Install or replace graphics card? That’s it!

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