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Gaming table 2021: the best gamer desks in comparison

The gaming industry is growing and growing. In addition to the usual selection of hardware and peripherals, more and more manufacturers are entering the market with products designed around gaming. For years, gaming chairs, for example, have become increasingly popular with consumers and the product ranges of manufacturers have grown accordingly.

So it’s not surprising that, in addition to chairs, tables are now particularly big on the rise. Compared to conventional desks, the so-called gaming desks offer interesting features especially for gamers. In addition to many practical extras and the special look, gaming desks are usually equipped with enough space for all kinds of gamer accessories.

In this article, we compare five gaming desks and reveal what to look for when buying one. Here we pay special attention to things like cable management, processing and gadgets.

The best gaming tables at a glance

Gaming tables guide: everything you need to know!

The leading manufacturers

The Trust company from the Netherlands has been producing high-quality gaming peripherals for many years and also builds gaming desks and chairs. Trust is known for a particularly good and fair price-performance ratio and thus offers good quality at reasonable prices.

EUREKA Ergonomics from the USA, on the other hand, is known for ergonomic and above all extremely practical desks and desk components.

In 2001, the Taiwanese manufacturer AeroCool launched a wide range of PC cases and cooler systems. But the product range has now been extended to include chairs and tables.

Thermaltake should be a familiar name to most gamers, as this Taiwanese company has been known for high-quality PC components for decades.

Ultradesk from Poland is clearly aimed at passionate gamers. The gaming desks have already been used at major tournaments and events around the world and the variety of products is huge.

Which of these manufacturers builds the best gaming desk? We have picked out one model from each of the five featured producers and taken a closer look.

Trust Gaming Desk – GXT 711 – Price: approx. 114,90 $

The GXT 711 is a classic gaming desk with an angled front edge. The base frame is made of steel and the 18 mm high MDF tabletop has a high-quality PU coating.

With its 115 x 76 cm the GXT 711 offers space for max. two monitors plus keyboard, mouse and speakers. This desk undoubtedly falls under the category of “compact and good”.

The assembly of the table proves to be child’s play and visually the overall construction makes a high-quality and noble impression. Two stickers that can be stuck on the sides of the steel frame are included for customization. So here you have the choice between classic black, red or camouflage optics.

The scope of delivery also includes a practical aluminium cup holder and a device for hanging up a headset. For example, the cable aperture on the right-hand side of the desk, through which various cables can be routed directly to the PC, ensures neat cable management. The HDMI and power cables of the monitor are ideally routed through a specially designed recess in the tabletop on the rear side. Thus all cables can be bundled under or behind the table and routed accordingly as desired.

Underneath the steel construction, there are also four adjustable feet that allow you to adjust the height of the gaming desk. The GXT 711 is an affordable and gaming-ready desk that isn’t very big, but comes with exceptional value for money.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Table Z1-S – Price: ca. 189,99 $

On the surface of this 113 cm wide and 77.5 cm deep gaming desk, a maximum of two 24 inch monitors can be placed next to each other.

The manufacturer advertises its table with an R-shape design, which is supposed to guarantee a very firm stand and high stability. This way the table should always stand straight and stable. A particularly exciting design detail: the table has integrated RGB lighting on the legs and sides of the tabletop, which are powered by the PC via USB connection. The colours of the lighting can be conveniently adjusted at the touch of a button directly at the table.

Included with the table is even a huge gaming mouse pad, which reflects the aesthetics of the table very well. In addition to a drink holder and a suspension for the headphones, a controller stand is also included, which offers space for two gaming controllers and three game cases from PlayStation or Xbox Games, for example.

The entire tabletop is equipped with a carbon fiber texture surface and makes a very high-quality optical impression.

Located in the mid-price segment, the Z1-S from EUREKA ERGONOMIC stands out above all due to its sophisticated gadgets and integrated RGB lighting. If 113 cm isn’t too narrow for you, you’ll find a stable gaming desk in the Z1-S that’s not only well-made, but also visually appealing.

Aerocool ACD2 – Price: approx. 210,00 $

The ACD2 from Aerocool does a lot of things the same, but also a lot of things differently. The entire 140 cm wide tabletop is covered with a microfibre fabric, which offers the same properties as a gaming mousepad.

This allows you to fully enjoy the tidy and minimalist design of the table, because logically you no longer need an additional mouse pad. The Aerocool ACD2 also comes with a drink holder and a headphone holder. These can be placed freely on the desk according to preference and are, as with the other tables, a useful addition for gamers.

While many desks only have one, often asymmetrically placed cable entry, the ACD2 comes up trumps with no less than two of these practical aids. This allows cables to be routed downwards almost perfectly and invisibly. Here, Aerocool has obviously given some thought to the practicality of unnecessary design decisions. There is also an exceptionally useful addition under the table that makes cable management easier. A metal shelf for the power strip is placed directly between the cable glands. So you can run a power strip to it from the house socket and hide any power plug cables, for example from monitors directly under the desk. This shelf proves to be very handy in everyday use and makes the Aerocool ACD2 a great gaming desk that is recommended for its stability and good cable management capabilities.

Ultradesk Grand – Price. Approx. 299,00 $

Ultradesks Grand presents itself in a black carbon look with a “full desktop mousepad”, like the Aerocool ACD2 with a mousepad that is laid over the entire tabletop.

Grand translates as “big”, and the name really says it all with this desk. With its 160 cm wide and 70 cm deep top, there is even room on this table for a gaming PC as well as two monitors. But even those who prefer to place their PC on the floor can benefit from the size, because the included gaming gear stand can be used to store games and controllers and thus be placed directly on the table without having to worry about the necessary space. Obligatory for gaming tables in this price range, there are also headset and drink holders on the Ultradesk Gran. To the left and right are cable grommets that lead directly to a special net under the table where you can hide power strips and excess cables.

The high quality steel frame offers highest stability and sturdiness, so that nothing wobbles or sags even under heavy load with heavy setups. Especially interesting for tall people might be the mechanical, 3-stage height adjustment of the Ultradesk Grand. This allows you to adjust the desk height to your individual needs. This gaming desk is mainly aimed at the people who plan to put two monitors on their desk and need height adjustment due to their height.

Thermaltake TT Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation – Price: approx. 499,00 $

Thermaltake is obviously aiming high with the TT Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation, because this desk is infinitely adjustable in height.

The table is therefore not only ideal as a gaming table, but also as a standing desk where you can do your office work while standing. This relieves the back and provides variety in the daily work routine. On the sides of each table leg there is a wheel which can be opened and closed. This allows you to adjust the height of the table with little effort.

The TT Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation has a very high quality finish and an extremely high stability. Due to the steel construction, this table is able to support weights of up to 100 kg. The tabletop itself measures 150 x 70 cm and placing two monitors plus gaming accessories proves to be no problem. The top of this table is also completely covered with mousepad material, which can be easily removed and cleaned accordingly. Practical cable grommets on the upper sides and the shelf for power strips on the underside guarantee an invisible, tidy look. This gaming desk plays in the league of professional office furniture in terms of stability and durability and should be especially interesting for those who like to work standing up. However, the fact that neither drink nor headphone holders are included in the scope of delivery at a price of almost 500 EUR is rather disappointing.

What should you look for when buying a gaming table?

So as it turns out, gaming desks now come in many different styles and sizes. But what exactly should you look for when buying a gaming table? Are there basic characteristics that every table must have? We give an overview to help him decide.

Before buying a gaming table, it is important to think about how many monitors you want to put up. Many tables you find on the internet are not large enough to accommodate two 27 inch monitors plus speakers. For two monitors, the table should be at least 140 cm wide, but if you only want to set up a normal monitor or a widescreen monitor, you can also look for tables from 115 cm wide.

The material and workmanship quality of the tabletop can also be decisive. Tables under 100€ are often made entirely of plastic and thus offer little stability and durability. Important factor for the quality of materials and workmanship can be the total weight of the table. A 140 cm wide gaming table weighing 50 kg is logically of much higher quality and more stable than a table weighing 23 kg. The substructure and the legs or feet also contribute to the stability. You should make sure that the feet are made of steel and that you can fine-tune the feet of the table. In this way, any unevenness of the floor can be levelled out easily and with little effort. 

Especially important is the cable management of the desk. Cable outlets that are integrated into the desk top are extremely practical. Here you can comfortably and neatly lead through all necessary cables of monitor, loudspeaker, mouse, keyboard etc. and connect them to the PC without creating a real cable tangle behind the table. Many gaming desks offer much smarter solutions when it comes to cable management. For example, if you want to hide your power strip directly under the table, you should look for a gaming table that has a storage area at the bottom for cables and power strips.

A gaming desk is not a gaming desk without the necessary gadgets. If a conventional desk offers hardly any possibilities to store gamer accessories reasonably, gaming desks have a huge advantage. But which of these gadgets are really practical in everyday life and which can you safely do without? A drink holder can prove to be quite useful, especially during longer gaming sessions, because in a specially designed steel basket on the side of the table, the favorite drink is well protected from bumps and rash movements and thus can’t fall over. The die-hard gamer, in order to make the experience as immersive as possible, plays with a headset instead of reproducing the audio signal through speakers. But where to put the bulky headphones, which are usually also connected to the PC by cable? It’s simple – gaming desks with integrated headset hooks offer a remedy. So when the headset is in use, it hangs securely from the desk mount and doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

Which features can you do without?

Many manufacturers try to lure customers with features that are actually not worth mentioning. So you should think carefully about what is important and what is not. For example, an illuminated table can be nice to look at, but if the basic qualities such as workmanship and stability fall by the wayside, the table can still sparkle and shine. In order to push the price up by any means possible, you can often find gadgets in gaming desks that are hardly worth mentioning. Particular care should be taken with things that are permanently installed on the table. It often happens that somewhere in the middle of the plate there is a controller stand that cannot be moved freely. If you can do without it, you are giving away valuable space for a second monitor or speakers.

The design of a gaming desk is important, of course, but again, don’t be misled by the manufacturer’s promises. Just particularly exciting-looking tables should be taken in terms of stability and stability more closely and the magnifying glass, because not infrequently advertised in the advertising text with specially developed technologies, but in the end, the table is nothing more than a wobbly plastic plate. Whether coated or natural look – wood is still the material of choice, even for gaming desks.

Supposedly ergonomic desks with unprecedented shapes can also usually be safely ignored. Where an inwardly rounded desk top still fulfils its purpose of bringing the player particularly close to the action, other shapes, often specially advertised by the manufacturer as absolute novelties, are irrelevant and at no time serve the purpose of sitting more ergonomically in front of the desk.

What do other trade magazines say?

If you search the net for test reports on gaming desks, you will quickly notice that the experts mostly agree on what is important for a good gaming desk. Thus, it is primarily emphasized that the safe and firm stand and a high stability are the be-all and end-all, whereas the design and the gadgets play a rather subordinate role in purchase consultations. If you plan to place your PC directly on the table next to the monitors, you should make sure that the table can handle this load without collapsing.

Unlike traditional office desks, gamers often have only wired peripherals on the desk, which can often lead to a hodgepodge of cables forming under the desk. It is also pointed out here that when buying a gaming desk, you should pay special attention to the types of the

Cable management the table offers. Cable outlets, cable ducts and clips or special suspensions for socket strips offer great added value when laying cables.

The materials used are also illuminated. For example, the combination of a sturdy wooden top mounted on a steel frame usually offers the best value for money.

However, other materials are also examined more closely. A metal table for example, can provide according to reports on the Internet quite for enormous stability, is however not completely favorable in the purchase price. Not completely disregarded, but not exactly praised to the skies either, are plastic desks, whose stability and resistance to breakage very often leave a lot to be desired.

Storage space and shelf space is a big issue when you look at some tests in the. A dual-monitor setup with two 27-inchers can take up a lot of space and quickly everything looks a bit cramped and untidy. So those who want to accommodate speakers, console, game pad, headset and smartphone in addition to two monitors and mouse & keyboard should definitely place great value on practical gadgets such as drink or headset holders.

All in all, the trade magazines on the net are in agreement and for the most part agree with our assessment regarding gaming tables. So if you are looking for a suitable table, you should first and foremost think about the stability and size. Other features like design, gadgets and form should be secondary to that.

Which table for which target group?

In our test, the Aerocool ACD2 could emerge as the price-performance winner. With its 140 cm wide tabletop, which is completely covered with mouse pad material, the bad gaming desk from Aerocool knows how to convince. Also the steel frame, which holds the table together, can score with a high robustness. The cable management options add to the already very well-rounded overall package and make the Aerocool ACD2 a true all-rounder. For a little over 200 EUR you get a very good gaming desk here.

The GXT 711 from Trust is recommended for those who want to save money. Here you get a stable table that doesn’t take up as much space, but is still big enough to accommodate a large monitor and all kinds of peripherals. The construction is easy, the gadgets like headset suspension, useful additions and the cable aperture in the table top provides a clean look while hiding the cables. At around €114.90, if you’re looking for a simple and stable gaming desk solution, you can’t go wrong.

Experience shows: Gamers with very high demands are not satisfied with the standard. If you own an extremely powerful gaming PC, you want to be able to store it and all its accessories safely and attractively. The Ultradesk Grand with its 160 cm wide tabletop offers the necessary space for these purposes and is even 3-stage adjustable in height. However, if you want to go one level further, you should check out the Thermaltake TT Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation. The table, which is infinitely adjustable up to the standing position, also offers space for two monitors and trumps with the best cable management in our test. For just under 500 EUR, the passionate gaming lover gets a true masterpiece here, which is far ahead in terms of stability and durability, but does without gadgets like headset or cup holders.

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