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Gaming PC Test 2021: The best gaming computers in comparison

Welcome to our Gaming PC Test 2021. We have taken a closer look at the best gaming PCs and present them to you here in the gaming PC comparison. So you can inform yourself clearly what the game computers “have in the case”. We show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different models and so you can find the right gaming PC for your needs.

The best Gaming PC’s in the overview

Gaming PC Guide: Everything you need to know!

Gaming PCs often differ significantly from each other. Here it is necessary to look carefully and know what to look for. So that you don’t experience any unpleasant surprises with your new gaming PC, we have compiled all the important information about the individual computers and now present you with all the facts that you should know. We hope that we can answer all of your questions and help you decide on a new gaming PC.

What does a good gaming PC cost me?

Of course, what applies to many areas in life also applies here: there are no upper limits! You can of course spend several thousand $ on your new gaming PC, but whether that makes sense, we can not answer here. The cost of a new gaming PC always depends on what specific requirements you have for the computer. 

If you like to play graphically high-quality games (such as The Witcher 3), you should also buy a gaming computer that can offer this performance. If you want to buy a powerful, fast and reliable gaming PC, expect to pay between 1000 and 1500 $.

Gaming PC Complete Set – Is it worth it at all?

It can be worthwhile, if you buy a ready-made gaming PC with the appropriate performance and equipment. Not only do you save time (assembling the individual components, assembly), but you can usually also expect a special service from the manufacturer, should you ever have problems with your gaming computer. However, in retrospect, it can also be a disadvantage if you decide to buy a complete PC. So it may be possible that you can not upgrade the gaming PC later, because the housing does not allow this. 

Also some manufacturers pack hardware into their computers, which nobody actually needs. However, you buy this with the finished PC and of course you pay for it. Be sure to compare prices before you decide on a complete PC. You are welcome to look around on the Internet on the pages of various dealers. These often offer a PC configurator and here you can put together your individual gaming PC and can thus reproduce the finished gaming computer and get a comparative value. Now you have to decide which offer is cheaper. 

If you decide to assemble it yourself, it might be worth asking the dealer for an assembly service. Many offer this service and also take care of the driver installation. However, this special service costs around 100 $. The advantage of this service is that you get a system that works and runs. If you do everything yourself, it can easily happen that you forget components or that the individual components are not compatible with each other.

Buying a Gaming PC? This is what you should consider before buying!

The most important parts of a gaming PC are the mainboard, the processor and the RAM. The motherboard is ideally modular, so that you can easily expand or replace it. So you should definitely think about how many components you intend to connect to your motherboard before buying. You should especially keep an eye on the PCI slots. Your motherboard should ideally have several of these. Pay attention to the compatibility of the individual components (mainboard, CPU and RAM). 

Also pay special attention to the fan connections. Do you have enough of them available? The CPU can get very hot, especially when gaming, and adequate ventilation should be provided. Also pay attention to the memory of your gaming computer. This memory is very important for caching and here is the rule: for a smooth flow of the game, every RAM more is beneficial. The minimum should be 8GB DDR RAM. The processor of a gaming computer should have at least 4 cores (8 cores would be better) and run with a clock speed of 3GHz. The hard drive of your new gaming PC should be at least 1 terabyte, so that you can install several games. 

Pay special attention to a good graphics card. Always opt for a current model, because here you can be sure that it will also cope with the requirements of the new games. The minimum requirements for a graphics card are a memory of 2GB and a clock speed of 800MHz. Finally, of course, you can not ignore the power supply and the housing. The power supply should be able to supply the computer with enough power so that you can always play your favorite games without any problems. 

Make sure the power supply is at least 750 watts. Also check the number of fans on your new gaming PC. Especially when gaming, the computer gets very hot and the cooling should work reliably and be sufficient. Ideally, the fans operate very quietly so that there is no disturbing noise here.

Cleaning a Gaming PC? This is how it works

Dust is the biggest enemy of your computer’s cooling. The dust in our living spaces settles into the cooling fins of your PC over time, cutting off the circulation of air inside. In order to increase the performance of the cooling again, you should clean your PC regularly and remove the particles. For this you can choose a compressed air spray with a suitable pipe attachment for the fine flakes, alternatively the use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended. 

You should do the power supply from the back side of the PC, because the danger of an electric shock is very high here – even after disconnecting the power supply from the socket. If you work with a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you do not suck in any cables and damage them. When using a compressed air spray, make short and well-aimed sprays, otherwise you risk condensation in the computer. If you want to make your gaming PC especially clean, you should completely remove the components and hard drive cages. 

Take a new brush with soft, long bristles and gently clean the components with it. If there is any buildup on the fan and cooling fins, you can remove it with a toothbrush. It is also recommended to remove the processor cooler for thorough cleaning. To do this, remove the cooler block and then you can also remove the dust behind the mainboard and check the wiring.

Gaming PC Test: Our conclusion

A powerful gaming PC is essential for the fun factor when gaming. You have the choice to assemble your perfect gaming computer yourself or to choose a ready-made PC. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. For which of the two possibilities you then decide is of course entirely up to you. We hope that we can make your decision easier with our gaming PC test and that you can find your optimal gaming PC – self-built or “off the shelf”. 

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