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Gaming PC Build 700


You want to build a gaming computer for a budget of 700 $? Then you are exactly right here! We present you here the best 700 $ Gaming PC Build. 

An overview of the components:

The processor

RYZEN 5 2600 is used. This has 6 CPU cores, 12 threads and has a base clock speed of 3.4 GHz, which is definitely good enough for a 700 $ computer. It has an AM4 socket and is cooled by an included Wraith Stealt cooler.

The graphics card

For the graphics card, we chose an MSI GeForce GTX 160 Ti Gaming x with a large 6GB graphics memory. It is definitely the heart of your 700 $ gaming PC. Optimally suited for the worst games and an excellent cooling system.

The mainboard

The motherboard is an ASRock B450M Pro4 board with an AMD AM4 socket. It combines the speed of your SSD with the capacity of your hard drive, creating a single drive that’s fast and easy to manage. It also supports DDR4 3200x and has 2 PCIe 3.0 and 4PCIe 2.0 slots.

The working memory

The RAM will be a 16GB RAM memory from G.Skill. This is supplied in 2x 8 GB modules and is perfectly designed for gaming.

The hard disk

For the hard drive, we chose a powerful 480GB SSD from Patriot Memory. The best thing to do is to install an operating system and the most important programs on it. As a perfect complement, there is a 1TB HDD from the Toshiba brand. There you best store your folders and files.

The power supply unit

The power supply is the Pure Power 11 ATX power supply from the brand be quiet! The 400 Watt power supply has an 80Plus Gold certification and features two PCI Express connectors for high-performance multi-GPU configurations.

The housing

For the case we chose the V1000 case from Sharkoon. Definitely an eye-catcher at every LAN party you will attend. 

The best gaming accessories for your homebrew PC

For the optimal gaming experience, we recommend the following gaming accessories to get you started!

Assemble a gaming PC yourself: Here’s how!

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