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Gaming PC Build 1500


You want to build a gaming computer for a budget of 1500 $? Then you are exactly right here! We present you here the best 1500 $ Gaming PC Build. 

An overview of the components:

The processor

For this 1500 $ gaming PC we have chosen an i7-9900k processor from Intel. It has a clock speed of 3.6 GHz in boost mode and 8 cores as well as 8 threads. An absolute top model at the moment.

The graphics card

We have also placed our bets on a real racer for the graphics card. Namely, Gigabyte’s RTX 2080 Super Windroce with an 8GB of graphics memory and 3 extra powerful Windforce fans that will keep temperatures flat.

The mainboard

For the motherboard we chose a Z390 D motherboard from Gigabyte. It’s explecit on 8. and 9th generation processors from Intel and has 6 HDMI 3.0 inputs.

The working memory

A 16 GB DDR4 memory from G.Skill is used as working memory. This comes in 2 x 8 GB modules and will definitely be enough for your needs.

The hard disk

On the one hand, we decided to use a Force MP510 M.2 SSD from Corsair with a total memory of 480 Gb for this build. It is extremely fast, namely 3480 MB/s and is optimal for the operating system and the most important programs and games. In addition to the SSD, a 1 TB HDD from Toshiba is also used to store all your files if your SSD is not enough.

The power supply unit

The power supply uses a 550 Watt power supply from the brand Seasonic. This is definitely enough for a lot of power. It is a modular power supply and has an 80 Plus Gold certification. 

The housing

For the case, we chose a large tower from the Fractal Design brand. It is kept simple, but has a completely transparent side panel and a very cool front design.

The best gaming accessories for your homebrew PC

For the optimal gaming experience, we recommend the following gaming accessories to get you started!

Assemble a gaming PC yourself: Here’s how!

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