Gaming chair test 2021: The best gaming chairs in comparison

Surely you know this from long gaming sessions. Eventually, after a few hours, you almost can’t sit still in your chair. The back hurts, the buttocks anyway, the shoulders and the neck are cramped, possibly it also already pulls in the head. The reason for this is quite simple: you are simply not sitting correctly, i.e. not ergonomically. 

For you, it would surely be very advisable if you care about your health that you consider buying a good gaming chair. So that you can also find the right model for you and keep track, we have picked out the best models 2021 and summarized the facts for you. We present you here everything important around the topic “gaming chair”.

Gaming chair test: The best gaming chairs at a glance

Gaming chair guide: Everything you should know about gaming chairs!

In our big gaming chair comparison you will learn everything relevant about gaming chairs and we present you all the specifications and features of the new chair models. So you can see at a glance what distinguishes the various models from each other and whether the purchase is right for you. We hope that we can clarify your open questions in this gaming chair test and thus help you to make a purchase decision.

What are the differences between an office chair and a gaming chair?

In principle, the large gaming chairs can also be used excellently as office chairs. However, if you look closely, there are some features that distinguish the office chair from a gaming chair. Gaming chairs, for example, usually feature a lumbar and head cushion. Additionally, most of the gaming chairs also have a  rocking function. 

In addition, the chairs can also be adjusted extremely far back. The reason for this is that the gamer can push himself perfectly under the table and thus fight the opponent in an almost lying position. Good gaming chairs can also be used as office chairs without any restrictions.

What actually makes a good gaming chair?

In principle, the armrests should be adjustable to all sides. The backrest should also be individually adjustable and provide optimum support for the sensitive lumbar region and the spine. A gaming chair should do its job for a long time without wearing out or breaking too quickly. 

It should also allow the player to play long sessions in a comfortable position – without a sore bottom and cramped shoulders. The base, the castors and the frame of the gaming chair should be stable and provide the chair with the necessary stability. You should also consider on which surface you will mainly use your gaming chair. 

If it is standing on carpeting, it will have a secure footing even though it has casters. It can be more problematic on tiles or other smooth surfaces. Here it is worth choosing a model with additional braking function. The padding should be strong enough that even after hours of gambling, you won’t feel the underbelly of the chair pushing through. 

The back area should also be adequately padded, replicating the shape of the back for optimum support. Very important is also the seat height adjustment, with which the chair can be individually adjusted to your size. 

Furthermore, the chair should be suitable for your weight class and the material of the cover should be durable, breathable and easy to clean. Very high quality gaming chair manufacturers rely on PU or genuine leather. This makes the chair even more durable and the cleaning and maintenance of these gaming chairs is also very easy. 

Furthermore, a gaming chair should have a comfortable shelf for the feet. But also the general workmanship of the gaming chair should be good. Make sure that the seams do not come open and that the gaming chair is properly assembled. A good gaming chair should be sturdy, durable, adaptable, resilient and comfortable.

What is the right seat height for me?

The perfect seat height is basically responsible for ensuring that you don’t suffer any pain or postural damage from gaming. To find the perfect seat height for you, use this simple formula: 

seat height= body height/3,72 

With this formula, it is possible to adjust your chair to fit your height and prevent subsequent damage. But you should also not neglect the correct adjustment of the armrests, because these also contribute to a comfortable sitting. 

To determine the appropriate armrest setting, use this formula: 

Armrest height= body height/6,75 

This allows you to determine the optimum setting for your armrests. And you should also adjust the height of your desk to your gaming chair. To do this, you use this formula: 

Desk height= body height/2,43 

Most gaming desks feature a small crank that allows you to easily adjust the height of the desk.

Buying a new gaming chair? This is what you have to consider!

The most important thing for a gamer is to have fun while gaming. With an unsuitable chair, this can quickly become a painful affair. Even long-term damages are not excluded and so it should be worth your health that you get a good gaming chair. Your new gaming chair should be able to be adjusted to your body individually, or at least in increments. This concerns both the back and the armrests, as well as the adjustability of the height. 

The more functions, the more expensive the chair. Among other things, there are manufacturers who produce their gaming chairs with a split backrest. This makes all movements of your back with and supports it at the same time optimally. However, chairs with a sacral backrest or lumbar support are also very good for a healthy back, so these models can also be used if you have a medical problem in your back.

Gaming chair test: Our conclusion

At the latest since we see more and more professional athletes in the e-sports area sitting on the stylish gaming chairs at the edges of the playing fields, they are on everyone’s lips. But this is not only because of the great look of these chairs, but also because of their comfortable features. However, the maxim also applies here: it is better to spend a few euros more for a really perfect chair than to save at the wrong end and ruin your health. 

What you have to pay attention to when buying a gaming chair, hopefully our small gaming chair test could bring you closer and so it should be no problem for you to find the perfect gaming chair for you and your body.

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