Cloud gaming: do we still need good hardware for gaming?

The question of the right gaming hardware is not a simple yes or no question. Every gamer has different needs, is interested in different genres, and has a different budget available. Therefore, there is no one good solution for all needs, but only recommendations for different applications can be given. One gaming trend, however, wants to make hardware almost completely obsolete: Cloud gaming. With streaming, games are no longer run on your own device, only the game data is transferred to your screen. This is how you play real performance hogs even on low-powered laptops. But with providers like Amazon Twitch Prime, is gaming hardware really becoming obsolete?

How does cloud gaming work?

Cloud gaming is where players access other servers or devices through their own device. We already know something similar from the collaboration of remote teams in companies. Employees who are not in the office can still access the company server and obtain relevant data from there. If they have their own standalone PC in the office and are traveling on business, they can also access the desktop remotely and move around it as if they were sitting right in front of it. Remote Support simply transfers the image of the PC to the laptop that the employee is currently using, but with access to the hard drive, the Nas server and all the important areas. Cloud gaming doesn’t really look very different. In this case, the games are not downloaded to the user’s own device, but to an external server that is particularly powerful and can play the game smoothly and without lags. Only the finished stream is then transmitted to the player’s screen. Provided there is a good internet connection, the stream will be transmitted in such a timely manner that the player will not notice any difference. There are now many providers for cloud streaming. For example, with a subscription to PlayStation Now, you can try out a wide variety of games from Sony. You don’t need a PlayStation for this, because the games can also be played on the PC, as long as you have a suitable controller.

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Is cloud gaming replacing the gamer PC?

When cloud gaming was first heard of, some were convinced that it would change the future of the gaming world forever. However, cloud gaming hasn’t hit quite that hard yet. There are already quite a few providers, but each of them only offers a limited selection of games. Especially when it comes to new releases on the consoles, you hardly have a chance to play the game any other way. You’ll need a PlayStation or Xbox for that! But many PC games are also not available in the streaming services’ offerings. Therefore, passionate gamers still needed a powerful device in any case, because only then they have the entire selection in front of them.

Cloud gaming is a great way to play complex titles without having the proper hardware. For hardcore gamers, however, the current offer still does not provide an alternative to their own gamer PC or the current consoles, because too few games are now actually offered in the stream. In addition, a poor internet connection can cause lags in the stream, which can lead to the loss of valuable seconds and reaction times, especially in competitive games. So our conclusion is that cloud gaming is an exciting invention that certainly has a lot to offer. Gaming hardware is definitely not going to replace it at the moment though!

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