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Drives are useful for loading or burning CDs or DVDs, but they are becoming less and less important as modern storage media become more popular and CDs and DVs become more and more obsolete. In our drives test you will learn everything there is to know about drives. In addition, you will find the features of the best drives 2021 and we will present you the best models. 

You’ll also find out which drive is right for your computer and how much the right drive will cost you. Enjoy reading the great drives comparison!

Internal Drives: The best internal drives at a glance

Most computers can be equipped with up to four internal drives . Usually two hard drives, a CD drive and a DVD burner. Here, in our drive comparison you will find out which models are our favorites. These internal drives in the following have proven themselves in everyday life by their user-friendliness and performance and for these internal drives a clear purchase recommendation can be pronounced by us.

Drives test: The best external drives at a glance

In addition to the four internal drives, you can also equip your computer with external drives. These external drives are very flexible as they can also be used on other PCs. You can also enjoy maximum mobility with these external drives, because they are now so robust that nothing stands in the way of taking them with you. Most of the time, the external drives are connected to the computer via USB 2 port. In the following, we will introduce you to the best external drives that are currently available on the market.

Drive Guide: Everything you need to know!

In this chapter we will answer your questions about drives at . Here you can find out everything you need to know about buying a drive so that you are well prepared. We answer the question whether a drive is worthwhile nowadays at all, or also what one should consider when buying a new drive.

What actually is a drive and is it still worth buying nowadays?

A disk drive (also called a storage drive) is a device that provides access to a storage medium for digital data. A drive can either be permanently installed in a computer (internal drive), or it can be connected to the computer externally via a USB connection (external drive). Drives include CD drives, floppy drives, DVD drives, partitions, USB memory, RAM disks, etc. 

Most of the ultra slim notebooks today do without an extra CD or DVD drive because of this fact. But if you like to watch CDs or DVDs on your computer yourself or if you like to give away a burned CD or DVD as a present, then it is definitely worth buying a drive in this case.

How much will a drive cost me?

You can get a solid brand drive in stores for around 15-60 euros. But of course you can also spend a lot more money here. The only question is whether it’s necessary. With the drives that we have presented to you in the upper section, you are well equipped.

Can I burn CD’s and DVD’s with one drive?

With a CD burner or a DVD burner you can of course also burn these media. However, the CD burner can only be used for burning CDs, as it is simply too slow for burning DVDs. To buy a drive that includes a burning function, you must make sure that the word “burner” appears in the title or product description.

Buy a new drive? You should pay attention to that!

So if you have decided to buy a new drive, there are also some things to consider before buying, so that you will be satisfied with the drive in the long run. Basically, you should keep your hands off supposed bargain offers. You should not consider drives under ten euros. Here you can possibly lose a lot of nerves. 

When buying a new drive, make sure that it is from a reputable manufacturer and that the appropriate drive drivers are available. If the drive is not recognized by the PC or laptop, this can often only be revised after a laborious search. 

The next question to consider is the blue- ray standard. The Blue-Ray format is only worthwhile for absolute film lovers. For all “normal” end users, a DVD drive is quite sufficient, as you can read all CD’s and DVD’s with it, except those in Blue Ray format.

Drive test: Our conclusion

Data transfer by means of a drive only works if the PC or laptop has also recognized the drive. However, this is usually no problem at all with the appropriate, enclosed driver. The advantage of external drives is undoubtedly that they have become very robust in recent years, which means that there are no longer any limits to mobility. 

Here, however, the internal drives have a clear advantage, because no additional device has to be transported. If you decide to buy a CD drive, then you’d better add a few more euros and choose a DVD drive – this also allows you to make backup copies.

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