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27 inch monitor test 2021: The best 27 inch monitors in comparison

Until a few years ago, the monitor was one of the most expensive components when putting together a new computer. Today, however, this is no longer the case. You can now buy large or small monitors in all different price ranges. But since the market is quite flooded, it is difficult to get an overview. If you want to buy a new monitor, then you must pay attention to many different criteria. Depending on the application of your monitor, it should have different characteristics.

Our comparison of 27-inch monitors on should help you with your decision. Here you will find important tips to consider when buying a new 27-inch monitor. Different aspects are used as a guide for each area of application. We have taken 11 devices under the magnifying glass and compared them for you. If you want to find out more about Stiftung Warentest’s test of the 27-inch monitor, you can scroll directly to the bottom of the page. There you will find the detailed information.

The best 27 inch monitors at a glance

27 inch monitor guide: Everything you need to know!

The basic question before buying: What do you need the new monitor for?

This question is actually quite clear to answer, because we want to display graphical signals with the monitor. But it is very important that you ask yourself this question, because the uses of the monitor are different. Depending on what you need your new monitor is crucial:

Internet surfing, office work at home

To cover these requirements, you don’t need to make big demands on your monitor. You can well go for a cheap model. That’s quite enough. However, there are also limitations with these devices: For example, if you surf the Internet on your computer for more than an hour a day, the monitor should be flicker-free. If not, it can make your eyes tired quickly and if you work for a long time, it can cause headaches.

If you use your monitor mainly as an office device, then you should pay special attention to its ergonomics. The appearance of the monitor when it is switched off is absolutely irrelevant and should not influence your choice. More importantly, you need to be able to adjust your screen exactly so that you can maintain a good sitting posture. If you don’t want to mount your monitor with a wall mount, then it should have a very flexible stand. You should be able to tilt it in all directions and it should also be adjustable in height. This is something to pay special attention to, as not all monitors on the market offer this advantage.

play computer games

Again, a distinction is made between the different areas of use: Do you only play so-called casual games? These are games that do not involve fast movements, for example card games. Or do you play the latest first-person shooters? Such games include high-quality graphics, very fast movements and extreme color depth.

If you count yourself to the latter, then you have to pay special attention to a very short reaction time in the millisecond range. We have already compared not too expensive gaming monitors in our other review. There, the response time should never be more than 1 to a maximum of 2 milliseconds. Due to these fast reaction times, streaking effects do not occur. The animations and video sequences are adapted to the image very quickly. 

Also very important for the gaming monitor is the information about the maximum resolution. However, you should always keep in mind that with a higher resolution, the graphics engine must also be adapted accordingly. If you only have an inferior graphics card, then the best monitor with the highest resolution is useless. The combination of processor, graphics card and memory must also be precisely matched.

Gaming monitors are immediately recognizable by their design. These models are precisely matched by the manufacturers to their users. The special mixture between black and red you will find most on the market. The mouse, keyboard or computer cases are also very stylish in appearance. This feature is very important to end users and is what makes a good gaming monitor stand out.

watch movies

If you like to watch high-definition movies on your computer, then your monitor should also have some special features. But that’s not a problem. Besides the size of the monitor and the distance between the user and the device, the resolution is also a very important clue.

Today, you’ll rarely find monitors on the market that don’t come with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Size does not matter either. This resolution is quite sufficient to play back a DVD or a Blue Ray in the highest resolution. If you like to watch movies in 4K, then your monitor must also be able to reproduce this format.

Video and image editing

Often in the professional field, several monitors are needed quickly. For example, if you want to write and search for something on the Internet at the same time, you always have to open and close the windows on the single screen. To solve this problem and work more efficiently, additional monitors are a great option. For example, you can display your text program on the right monitor and keep the Internet browser open on the left device. So you can easily switch from one screen to the other with the mouse. It makes your job a lot easier. Other features to consider if you want to add three or even four monitors to your setup.

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