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24 inch monitor test 2021: The best 24 inch monitors in comparison

Do you still have an old CRT or 19-inch monitor sitting on your office desk? I guess that’s why you decided to switch to a modern screen now. When it comes to the price-performance ratio, the current 24-inch monitors form the ideal middle ground. With a screen diagonal of around 61 centimetres, they have 10 centimetres more than a 19-inch device. In addition, most 24-inch monitors offer full HD resolution, which gives you outstanding picture quality. With advanced technology, these devices display brilliant colors and are easy on your eyes.

The best 24 inch monitors at a glance:

24 inch monitor guide: Everything you need to know!

If you’ve been studying monitors for a while, you probably have some questions waiting to be answered. In the next article you will find the six most frequently asked questions regarding the monitor, which we have of course answered for you.

What can I do if black or dark shades are always displayed too brightly?

If your video signal is displayed on your monitor only with a limited color depth, the black areas on the screen will look rather grayish. Often this error occurs because of the YUV format. However, you can eliminate this problem with almost all devices by adjusting the color space.

What can I do if an IPS monitor flickers?

The flickering of your IPS panel can have very different causes. Most of the time, however, the fault lies with the cable. To rule out the cable as the main cause, you should try another one, or connect the monitor via another port. You can also connect your monitor to another device and thus check whether the screen is to blame for the flickering at all.

What’s with the sparkle on an IPS monitor?

If you read about IPS panels, sooner or later you’ll stumble across the terms “glow” or “sparkle”. These terms describe the glossy surface of the monitor. Sometimes it also looks like grease has been applied to the screen. But that’s not the case. This effect occurs because the IPS panels consist of countless small crystals. Often, however, this effect only appears when your screen displays very bright images.

What should the response time of a 24-inch monitor be?

The response time of your screen should always be adapted to the application. For example, if you only use office programs and surf the internet a bit, then a response time of 5 milliseconds is easily enough for you. You won’t find many slower monitors in the 24-inch range either. However, if you play a lot of games on your computer and also compete, then your new 24-inch screen should offer a response time of 1 millisecond. You can also benefit from optimal performance in fast games.

Are there also 24-inch monitors with a higher resolution than Full HD?

Today, you’ll also find 24-inch monitors with Ultra HD resolution on the market. This is equivalent to 4K quality. With a diagonal of 61 centimeters, however, you hardly notice the higher resolution, but these devices are often significantly higher in price. So it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth spending more money for a very small difference in image quality.

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