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Five Ninjas
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One Team

" If two people always agree, one of them is useless
If they always disagree, both are useless. "
- Mark Twain

FiveNinjas are a great blend of talents, but also personalities. This is embodied in the logo, which depicts one always at-odds with the rest. While we never always agree, we are always moving forward. This makes for stronger, considered wares which still have the rough, vital edges of a small team. Not the bland products of a massive corporation.

The Ninjas

Mo Volans - Music Producer and Trainer

Mo has been a pro music producer and tech trainer for over 15 years. He is also a movie fanatic and an XBMC power user. This obsession has resulted in him working on high budget media builds and creating his own bespoke systems. This all ultimately led to Mo creating the original concept for Slice and steering it to where it is today.


Jon Williamson - Director, Pimoroni

Jon has been a ninja-coder for most of his life, and since starting Pimoroni has brought his precision-junkie skills to bear on manufacturing, product design and supply-chain management. He's taken the lead of making sure Slice looks right and works right.


Paul Beech - Director, Pimoroni

Paul is a co-founder of Pimoroni and designed the Raspberry Pi logo, and continues to support the charitable project. He also had a hand in developing interactive DVD technology. He watches a lot of films and plays a lot of music. He wants Slice to be his one true media player and wishes his internet connection didn't suck so much.


James Adams - Director of Hardware Engineering, Raspberry Pi

James has spent more than 10 years doing electronic product design and chip design for both startups and tech giants. James's current day job is Director of Hardware Engineering at Raspberry Pi. James has more recently spent most of his spare time designing Slice's electronics.


Gordon Hollingworth - Director of Software Engineering, Raspberry Pi

Gordon is director of software engineering at Raspberry Pi and was previously involved with the low level firmware software running on BCM2835. He also developed Amino's first high definition IPTV set top box so knows a great deal about multimedia streaming as well as mobile multimedia systems.



12 Aug 2014 - FiveNinjas launch Slice, a media player and more.

18 Aug 2014 - Slice, from FiveNinjas, reaches funding goal in under a week.

For press enquiries, please contact Mo Volans