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Slice - Hard Drive Installation

UPDATE: 12 Mar 2015: Text instructions only for now. Photos to follow soon, then video :-) - Paul.

Tools Needed

You need very few tools to install a hard drive

Opening Your Slice

Place your Slice bottom-up on a nice soft surface that won't be crackling with static electricity and that won't scratch your lovely case.

Using the Hex Key, remove the 4 hex bolts in the corners. Don't lose these.

Your Slice is now is two halves with the light guide separating them. Make sure you hold the top and bottom securely together, and turn the Slice over

Remove the top and the light guide gently, and place them on a friendly surface.

Removing the PCB

The PCB has 5 M2.5 cross-head screws holding it in. These also have anti-slip washers on them. Undo these and place them carefully in a small receptable. You should have 10 little bits when you finish. Count them carefully and make sure they don't disappear or try to hide under the PCB. The fifth screw is hiding between the ports, don't miss it, and don't try to force the PCB out. If you receive any resistance at all when trying to remove the PCB, stop and check the screws are really unscrewed.

Use a port to gently lift the PCB, then holding the edges, lift the PCB out and place it upside down on an anti-static surface.

Installing the Drive

On the base of the PCB is the SATA connector.

You will first need to place the drive shim, white side on the PCB, so that it fits neatly to either side and around the SATA connector and lines up with the mounting holes in the PCB.

Now fit your SATA drive into the SATA port. The drive should have it's base (circuit board side) on the shim/PCB, and the silver casing uppermost.

A firm push should mate it with the SATA port nicely, and it will also line up with the drive shim and the mounting holes.

Holding the drive and the PCB together like an ice-cream sandwich, turn the PCB over.

You should be able to see through the mounting holes, and the holes on the shim, to the screw threads in your SATA Hard Drive.

If you cannot, check the position of the shim and Hard Drive, and make sure they're properly seated and positioned.

Once this is done, place an anti-slip washer over a hole, and then screw a M3 cross-head screw through the PCB into the Hard Drive.

It should screw without undue force. You only need to make it finger tight and a little more. Do not overtighten. Really. It'll be fine

Repeat with the other 3 screws and washers

Replacing the PCB

Using the edges of the PCB, pick it up, turn it over, and replace into the base of the Slice case, so that the 5 mounting holes line up with the case holes

Pick one mounting hole, place an M2.5 anti-slip washer over the hole, and screw the M2.5 cross-head screw back into place. Again, only finger-tight. Do not over tighten

Repeat with the other 4 sets of screws and anti-slip washers

Closing Your Slice

Place the light guide over the LEDs. There are 4 circular cuts in the light guide, these should all be located over a mounting screw in the PCB. Make sure they all line up exactly.

If they don't, you may need to flip the light guide left-to-right.

Now place the top of the Slice case over the top of the light guide and the Slice ports so that it mates nicely and lines up exactly.

Holding the sandwich together firmly, turn the Slice over.

Place the 4 M3 hex-head bolts into the holes and make sure the case and light guide still look like an almost seamless sandwich

In turn, tighten the 4 bolts until just over finger-tight. You don't need to wrestle with it. Just be firm

Well done. The scary bits are over now.

Check you haven't got any spare bits left over that weren't there at the start. If there are. Go back to the top and repeat the process until you spot your error

Formatting the Drive

The hard drive is best formatted as ExFAT, to work with other OSes when you're uploading your digital media.

Plug your Slice into your computer using the bundled USB cable. The MicroUSB end goes into the Slice MicroUSB port. The larger ends go into your Computer. For machines like the MacBook, once of these should suffice to power the Slice hard drive.

OS X: Use Disk Utility to format the hard drive. Select the drive. Choose the Erase tab. Choose ExFAT as the format. Click Erase. This will destroy any data already on the hard drive.

Windows: Yeah. Erm. Happy reading!

All done!